Freelancing: Yes of No?

Good day everyone!

        Today I'm off of work and really taking some time for myself which I rarely get to do. One thing I'm doing today is more research on freelancing. You see where I live , makeup artistry is not really in demand. I live in a very very VERY laid back area. Dare I say a place where most women don't even bother to put on moisturizer or even wash their face. It is true. So with that being said makeup artists/ estheticians like myself really have to put ourselves out there so we can service these people and also do our job. I've been considering freelancing this season again because it's a great way to network and it's really just fun. If you love what you do it doesn't matter where you do it. But like I said it's about getting people in your area aware of you and even the beauty community in general. So my question is, have any of you freelancers or makeup artists face this minor dilemma? And if so what actions did you take to make things happen? I love to learn and one of the best ways to learn about anything is through other people and their own experiences. Let me know!



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