Florida Goodies!!

My brother and his wife (my sister in law) went on a trip to Orlando Florida for their one year wedding anniversary and brought back goodies!!(aw how sweet!) anyway I wanted to share what I got

                   Got a cute pair of purple flower studs from forever 21 super cute!!!
                   A Wizarding World of Harry Potter key chain!!!! So cool!!!!
       And a nice smooth Ultra Balm from Lush!!!!!

 I love Lush. Nothing beats all natural ingredients I love this. I use it mostly on my lips but you can use it on all your bits as it says lol:P
The back of the key chain. This just shoes the authenticity of it.. exclusive!

I got one more thing from them but I can't make a post on it yet because I'm not done reading it. It's a book by Thalia it's called "Thalia:Belleza!! Lessons in Lipgloss and Happiness"

Thalia used to be one of my idols when I was a kid and my Sister-in-law saw this book and got it for me!! So excited!!! 
Thalia released it back in 2007 and I never knew about it.
When I'm done I'll make a special post about it:)

But until then, it's back to training tomorrow.

Goodnight my loves!

PS: Thalia is a Latin triple threat;)

Sephora training update!!


 Oh how I miss blogging. I'm constantly thinking about it when I'm at work and how I want to blog about every single thing that is happening in my Sephora training haha. I only have 3 more days left of science of sephora brand training and we are done!!! To say this process was long is a major understatement to say the least!!! But I'm really loving it. Today we finshed our "Color" express service training which consists of applying an everyday eye look and cheek&lip application. That was really fun! We had partners and we played product consultant and client. The scariest part was having to come into work with no makeup on for 3 days!!!! AAAAAAHHHH!! Not a comfortable thing for me I secretly wanted to hide behind everyone but I think I played it off pretty well ;P. Being someone who has experience with makeup already and is an esthetician, this training was very much a review for me and a way to teach me how to teach others how to apply their makeup from a retail prospective. Which honestly is what I need to work on.  I will be more than ok selling skin care, and makeup, haircare, and fragrance but I need to work on telling my client what I'm doing step by literal step and at the same time selling what I'm putting on them and what I'm using.. It's different in person rather than blogging it. I know over time as I get used to using allllll of these amazing products it'll be like cake to me. I'm used to selling my skill rather than the product. I gotta tell you though it was really hard for me to hold back during the makeup portions of the training, I so wanted to do a crazy awesome smokey eye with brillant colors, even a cat eye winged out liner, or a pin up look with awesome vibrant red lips. Or even something wild, fun, and creative but I have to play by the rules and do what I am told plus we are learning how to teach those who are not makeup savvy and I can understand that makeup can be an overwhelming topic.... all in due time all in due time;)

Today was the end of color and on to brand training. We learned more about Benefit, Buxom, Korres, Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford, and Ojon.  We got to play with their products, feel different textures, smell them, try it on, it was wonderful!! Finally getting to try all the amazing products that I could never afford haha! I own a few Sephora products and have some in my kit,  honestly it's expensive. But it's worth every freakin penny!!  I am IN LOVE with all these lines! There is something in evey line that has something I want I even made a list of everything I want from every brand we went over today . It's awesome getting an in depth look at these brands and what's really behind them you have even more of an understanding. I'm going to be so broke it's not even funny!! But it's great because I can share with you all the greats, the goods, and the not so greats. Totally excited!!


  Finally got my very first piece of gratis!!! and here it is!

It's the Rounded Powder Brush # 49 from the Sephora Proffessionnel collection

I Love Love Love it!!!
Super soft and packs on that powder leaving me a flawless finish... I'm in love what more can I say.

More details later.

You can purchase this brush exclusively at Sephora inside JCpenney stores or freestanding Sephora stores for $34.

Later Loves

ps: the red sticker on the brush indicates that it is a gratis item

Day 3 of Sephora brand training

Sephora Training update:

  Sephora Beauty Educators flew in from California to train us about the Science Of Sephora. Really what each day is consisting of is their system to selling products to clients and how to do so. They call it the We Care + program and it's their approach to satisfying the client with their skincare, color(makeup), fragrance needs. It's kind of been a little crazy for me because I just got out of Esthetics school where I was so trained on their system of how to sell beauty products and I just jumped into a whole other philosophy of selling beauty products with Sephora so it's a huge transition. But it's all good because I'm incorporating all that I know already and I am learning so I can create my own system. My goal right now is learning Sephoras selling approach, it's a bit of a challenge but not really once you get familiar with it. Today they went through skin types, concerns, and ingredients which was like a big huge 8 hour long review for me, it's ok keeps it fresh in my mind come my state board exam I have to take next month haha. And then at the end of the day we did some role playing so I played product consultant and another played client and visa versa. The first couple of days were a little scary because we had to role play in front of everyone and I hate doing anything I'm not comfortable with in front of people like that. Give me a client and some makeup or skincare one on one and I'll be fine but to do a skit infront of people is scary to me! So I was a little uncomfortable with that and it's unrealistic I just kept telling myself that haha. But I'm learning and that's what it's all about at the end of the day....... sooo I hear that we're  suppose to get some products to take home.. it hasn't happened yet but we are all anxious to get it!! Me and my team are on the edge of our seats waiting for some gratis and I'll be sure to share with you guys what it is when I get it.  Hope all is well in the world!! I'll be back!!

Not enough time to blog these days but this is my last full week of training!!


S.O.S Training

     I've had a few days off since my second week of Sephora inside JCpenney training and things are going good. Tomorrow starts the most exciting portion of the Sephora training. The Science Of Sephora. This includes Sephora Beauty Educators flying in from California to train us about the philosophy behind Sephora, it's products, makeup application, skincare consulting, and of course, costumer service or I think it's called the "We Care" program I'll get back to you on that. As of tomorrow, it's another 8 days straight of this stuff 9am to 6pm. I'm excited, a little anxious, and a little nervous. But I'm going with a blank mind pretending I know nothing about makeup or skincare so that I can absorb all the information they give us and apply it to what I know and my technique in the end. I'm so excited to see what they will teach us.  We will see how it all pans out. And as always I'll let you guys in on the details. I'm very excited!!!  new posts coming up as well!!:)

 Goodnight my fellow beauty lovers!


Nude On Nude

  Yes... I'm making  a quick review on the competition. The competition to Urban Decays naked palette that is!   I know all about the craze over Urban Decays naked palette and how amazing it is, but I'm the kind of girl who always gives the underdog a chance.. in any situation:P. And honestly, I think this Nude on Nude palette by NYX puts up a good fight!

I absolutely LOVE the Champagne&Caviar palette from NYX. I can't live without it. This palette definitely reminds me of Champagne&Caviar which is a major plus. With Nude on Nude you can go from very natural to a smokey dramatic yet soft look with 20 eyeshadow shades. It's very versatile, leaving you a lot of room to play. Comes with 10 great lip colors in a slide out compartment that are smooth, pigmented, and compliment any eye look you create with the shadows. Definitely travel friendly too, you can just slip it into your carry on and off you go!!
Nude on Nude is worth your money and great for those curious makeup virgins who don't want to buy anything too crazy!;)

You can purchase this product at Ulta or nyxcosmetics.com for $25!


My Makeup Story

 I came across classy dea blog and saw this awesome little questionnaire called my makeup story. I loved her post on it so I decided to do the same and share a little more info with you guys:) Here's mine:

How old were you when you started wearing makeup? 

I was about 11 years old. My mom ordered this cute kit thing from J-14 magazine and it came with a poster of nsync and stickers, pencils and this little eyeshadow palette with really bright colors. It had this amazing vibrant blue eyeshadow and I was a little mesmerized by it. So I put it on and it just dramatically changed the way I looked and I thought it was so cool (it looked horrible) and I wore it to school, got so many compliments from all my friends and I felt so hip LOL. Then my mom picks me up from school and man was I in trouble!! When she saw my eyes all I saw was red in her face she was not happy. But from then on I knew I was in love.

♥ How did you get into makeup? 
After experimenting with makeup for the first time I used to go and check out all the makeup in the grocery stores whenever I went with my parents shopping. I obviously never had any money because I was a kid but I always went to the makeup section and I was also subscribed to magazines like teen people, j-15, seventeen so I always saw ads for makeup brands and skincare products so I started educating myself without really knowing it. Then when I finally had money I started buying one thing at a time and built my own little makeup stash. 

♥ What are some of your favourite brands? 
Urban Decay, NYX, Cargo, Too faced, Costal Scents, Benefit, Smashbox, Maybelline, Rimmel London, Nars, Makeup forever, Lorac.

♥ What does make-up mean to you? 
For me, makeup allows me to feel good about myself. It makes me feel confident and beautiful. It lets me express myself creatively. And it lets me do that to others. I love to make other people feel good about themselves. To enhance the beauty they already have. It's just so much fun. And it's never the same and always a challenge. I like that.

♥ If you could only wear 4 products on your face what would they be? 
Concealer, primer, eyeliner, lip gloss.

♥ What is your favourite thing about makeup? 

Being able to play with all sorts of colors, learning new techniques, seeing new makeup products. Painting a face.

♥ What do you think about drugstore makeup vs high end makeup? 

I love drugstore brands. That's where you start from. I feel that drugstore brands can give you exactly what you want it's all in the way you apply them. Just like high end. Yes the high end brands may be more quality or last longer but that doesn't mean that all high end brands are the best not at all. And some drugstore brands might be crap it's true. But you have to play around and experiment which ones are the good and which ones aren't. At the end of the day it's all about the application and using the right product that gives you what you want.

♥ What is one tip of advice you can give to a beginner? 

Start with some drugstore brands and play around, experiment with colors, go on blogs and youtube to search tutorials or tips, and use a primer!!! the great thing about makeup is if you don't like it you can just take it off and start over.

♥ What is one makeup trend you never understood? 
Black lipliner and a thin line of eyebrow liner for eyebrows. Dear lord.

♥ What do you think of the Beauty Community on Youtube/Blogger? 

I love it. I think it's wonderful. So helpful to know I can just go to youtube if I need a tip and search fellow makeup artists on there. And I get a lot of ideas from the beauty community and feels good to be apart of it now too.

♥ Who is your style icon? 

Right now, Carrie Underwood and The Saturdays. But it changes.

Feel free to use this for your blog as well but don't forget to link me!:)


Oh just playing around....

This morning while I was watching Good Morning America, I saw this girl who had a beautiful copper colored eyeshadow on and I instantly wanted to duplicate that exact eye look. I usually wake up every morning not really knowing what kind of makeup I'm going to do unless it's an occasion where I know exactly what I'm wearing, what my hair is going to look like and so on. But today is a laid back kind of Friday and I'm going out to for dinner with my mom later so maybe I'll wear this look for her. Haha!!  I tried to remember exactly what her copper eye look looked like by the time I got to doing my makeup and here's what I came to:

I'm still trying to adjust my camera but I'm not getting the right setting that I want. I'm seriously considering getting a new camera with video so I can start my videos as well.. We'll see.  Below is the products I used to create this look.:

~Urban Decay Primer potion in Sin
~NYX single eyeshadow in E16 COPPER
~Coastal Scents Warm Palette darkest brown for contour color
~NYX Nude on Nude Palette light beige colors in matte and shimmer for highlight
~MAC Fluidline eyeliner
~Dura Lash false individual lashes in medium black
~The Falsies Volume Express mascara 

What do you think?

I'm planning on getting some really bright funky colors from Sephora so I can play and do some crazy eye looks. If you have any suggestions on brands that carry great pigmented colors, drop me a line below!!!

Happy Friday!!!


Got Oily Skin?

Having an oily skin type can be annoying especially when it comes to wearing makeup.  But taking care of oily skin , much like any other skin type, can really show great improvements. Oily skin is characterized by excessive oil production and the follicle or pore size is larger, containing more oil. If you take a look at your face in the mirror and see that your pore size is visible or large over most of your face, then you may be an oily skin type. 

With oily skin it is imperative that you cleanse and exfoliate more so than other skin types. But don't over do it. I've had a lot of  people with oily skin types tell me they wash their face or exfoliate 3 or 4 times a day just to "control" their excessive oil production. But in fact, they are making it much worse. Over cleansing and exfoliating can cause even more oil production by stripping the skins acid mantle and irritating it, throwing it off  balance. Big no no.

It's our job as estheticians to educate people on how to properly take care of their skin and help maintain it. With oily skin, proper exfoliation (2 to 4 times a week) and a water based hydrator will help keep oily skin clean and balanced. The up side of having oily skin is that it ages slowly due to the protection of oil secretion. So there is always an upside! Plus there are tons of products, both skincare and makeup, that help with oily skin. Water-based products ,foamy gel cleaners, astringent(used carefully, again no over doing it!), mattifying primers, water based moisturizers, and chemical or mechanical exfoliation. 

Here are some great skincare products to try for oily skin:

Cures by Avance Algae Deep Pore Cleanser

exfoliator without beads that releases impurities deep below the skins surface

Cures by Avance Pore Balancing Moisturizer
 purifies and releases impurities trapped in the skin.

Alba Aloe & Green Tea Oil-Free moisturizer
Light, oil-free moisturizer with fantastic ingredients to help with the health of your skin


Alba Pineapple Enzyme Facial Scrub
deep cleansing without drying, I can't get enough of this stuff!

Alba Pineapple Enzyme facial cleanser
great foaming cleanser that helps remove dull, dead surface cells

DDF 2% Glycolic exfoliating oil control gel
removes dead skin cells that interfere with oil drainage only to be used on oil or acne-prone skin

DDF Ultra-Lite Oil-free moisturizing dew
oil,fragrance, and lanolin free and the ingredients in this perfect of oily skin

 Pores no more pore refiner by Dr. Brandt
smoothes and evens skin texture with a mattifying finish with or without makeup!

Cures by Avance products $34-$37.50 at curesbyavance.com
Alba Botanical products $12.99-$17.99 at Target or Ulta stores
DDF products $38-$48 at Sephora or Ulta stores
Dr.Brandt product $45 only at Sephora

Oh and having a couple facials a month isn't bad either. Find a great esthetician in your area, and she or he will hook you up!

Got oily skin? Not a problem ;)


"Beauty is a true expression of who you are."


  Oh my goodness!! I miss posting so much I can't even tell you. I've been so slammed with training at work that I have time for nothing! Literally! But after tomorrow I'll have a few days off and I have my posts lined up for the next few days I'm excited!! 

                  As promised I am bringing to you my personal review on a very great book:

SEPHORA: The Ultimate Guide To Makeup, Skin, and Hair from the BEAUTY AUTHORITY

I purchased this book a week before I started Sephora training just so I can get a little more insight on the method to the Sephora madness( mind you this book doesn't even touch Sephoras philosophy... ok maybe it does but when you are on the inside it's like... whoa!! so much to learn!!)

  Before I bought it, I searched the web relentlessly, trying to find a review on it or a decent little comment just to make sure it was a good buy. I couldn't really find anything legit on the book, so of course I bought it anyway and decided I'd make a decent review on it so you guys can get a little insight on the book if you decide on purchasing it.  

It's one of my favorites in my makeup book collection! And I'm being 100% honest even though I work at Sephora,  I'd never lie and say something is good if it's not. I don't care what it is.

The guts of this book is mainly tips, a few tutorials, a behind the scenes look at some of the creators behind the big brands like Bare Escentuals and a day with Gilbert Soliz, Pro Beauty Team Artist for Sephora whom I looovvee, and of course pages full of their most prized possession, the makeup and skincare products.

                  Tons of tips in this book, from the perfect brow shape to blow drying your hair the right way and of course.......

The Smokey eye!!!..... I love this smokey eye look, Cristina Bartolucci, cofounder of Duwop, says that what makes a smokey eye look is the lashes and without good lashes, nicely curled and coated, it can kind of look like a black eye.. couldn't agree more.;)

Lots of product information. Great for ones who don't ever know exactly what to buy at Sephora with their overwhelming amount of product, or for the beauty junkie who wants to know more about Sephora products... or nerds like me who live off this stuff..literally.;)

One of my favorite parts of this book is the ingredient chapter. I LOVE to know what's in my product, well actually I have to know. For an Esthetician it's required. Nothing like salicylic acid to fight that acne right!!

And of course, gotta show some of their best skincare products. I was playing with the Ole-Henrikson Truth Serum Collagen Booster at training the other day.. I'm in loove. And it has Vitamin C in it!! Need I say more..

What would us makeup artists do without our tools!? well we could get by, but there is nothing like using professional and quality brushes. It'll change the way you feel about makeup, mark my words for those of you who don't use brushes to apply your makeup. Sephora carries an wide variety of brushes. Soft, durable, synthetic, natural, and sure to do the job it claims to do. The book does a good job describing some of Sephoras best brushes.

 I wish I could take a picture of every page, but I'd be here all night and I have to go back to training very early tomorrow morning. This book is really a great buy, it's got all that you need to get a deeper look into what Sephora is about when it comes to their products and it's cool to read what the artists behind the makeup really think about beauty.. speaking of.. here is the entire quote from the title of this post:

"Beauty is a true expression of who you are. The coolest girls I know are never the ones with the prettiest faces or the best bodies; they're the ones with their own unique style and look. They are the ones who are true to who they are." ~ Wende Zomnir, creator of Urban Decay

 Couldn't have said it better myself.

Goodnight my loves!


*Day 7*

                              I'm officially on Day 7 of Sephora training. And WOW!!!!! Today we merchandise the hell out of the Sephora products. I have never in my life seen so much makeup, brushes, supplies, skincare, everything beauty related in my life!! It was raining cosmetics everywhere you turn! The first gaundula I merchandised ( gaundula is the stand that the products go on) was Kat Von D's makeup. Oh my goodness I'm so excited to get my hands on the concealer and the eyeshadow palettes she has.  It was like Christmas morning opening up her products no lie! I'm telling you I was like a little kid I didn't care, the whole time I had a stupid grin on my face like I just got the best toy in the world!haha. The stand for Kat Von D is very cute yet kick ass and her products have awesome names like "Sinner" or "Homie" and "Turbo lover" I love it!  My next gaundula I merchandised was part of Sephora Collection which consisted of eyeshadow and eyebrow tutorial sets to show clients how to create a great eyebrow and the smokey eye. I must say this, there are so many variations to the smokey eye. You can do it any which way. People have asked me how to do a smokey eye and think you have to put tons of black liner on to have  a smokey eye look. In all honesty, you can pick any color of the rainbow and make it into a smokey eye. It's all in the way you apply it. Anyway back to the main subject, today was basically getting a feel for the products , actually seeing it and seeing what each line has was amazing to say the least. I realized that there was so much I didn't know. I really never realized how kick ass Sephora is when it comes to cosmetics, I mean they really have the best. And I knew that but now I just have a better understanding for it.  I'll share more when I'm not as tired as I am right now I'm going on my 7th training day consisting of 8 straight hours. It's been crazy fun. Before I literally fall asleep typing this and I start not making any kind of sense, I purchased a Sephora book that I'll be making a review about. It's all about the brands and product lines at Sephora and the creators and artists behind them. Verrrry informative.  But for now, I'll leave you with this:

Just a few great items at Sephora.
Now that I am working for Sephora
I've got to Rep Sephora!!;)



The Beauty Authority

Day 5 Sephora inside JCpenney trainning(SiJCp):

                       Today marks my fifth day at Sephora training and I'm loving it! But saying it's overwhelming is an understatement. I've been to Sephora so many times, shopped and browsed, it's one of my favorite stores of course. Even as a costumer it's always a little overwhelming with so many brands and products to choose from it's enough to make you go a little crazy especially being a makeup artist/esthetician. Good crazy of course! I feel like a little kid at a candy shop that has the most exquisite candies I could get my little hands on!  And now I'm inside Sephora. I'm learning all the ins and outs of it. I'm in the bubble of "The Beauty Authority" as the company calls it's self, which I feel is rightfully so. If you are a Sephora fan and costumer you know how many products and lines they carry. Now imagine having to sit through training video after training video after training video for each and every single brand sold at Sephora for almost 8 hours straight. Yes it's awesome! But after a while you really just want to get your hands dirty and play with the stuff already haha!! Anyway, tomorrow we start set up of the store, now remember this SiJCp is brand spankin new. We will train, set up store which is partially still under construction, and do SOS training which is the Science of Sephora. It's freakin awesome! I know I keep saying awesome but it is haha! This is a really great opportunity for me because it's a great company to start with fresh out of school and I'm getting the chance to meet some great people in the industry which I am ecstatic about! The group I'm working with is awesome so this experience has been really great so far and I know it will continue.

  It's so different being on the inside looking out... but man does it feel good;)

                                                                             Bye my loves

PS: Rest assure that I'll be making reviews on all the Sephora products! All will be 100% Honest. You have my word on that.

Music & Makeup

In the about me section of my profile, I've mentioned that I am a music lover. I've been a music lover my whole life and always will be, sometimes people have more than one passion and music is one of mine. But I always like to correlate everything I love together.  I'm posting some videos of some of my favorite artists right now who just happen to have great makeup!! I mean these girls are on their game with  makeup(really their makeup artist;). I love watching celebrities makeup looks and fashion trends as well.

(unfortunately I couldn't get the videos to embed but please check them out!reading about it doesn't do it justice especially adele!!!!)



I can honestly say Adele is my idol at the moment. She is an amazing talent oh her voice!! And I think everyone and their mother, sister, brother can agree! Her voice is so captivating it's ridiculous! And her songs,which she writes herself, are so mesmerizing that they stay with you and grab hold of your emotions so you feel exactly what she's going through in her songs it's crazy. To me that's what a true artist is about. Moving people with that emotion. If I can feel that pain in your voice, you got me.  Another reason why I love her so much is because her makeup is always on point! Check this video out of her performance on Ellen her makeup is amazing!! It's never overdone but she loves her false lashes and eyeliner and geez it just always looks good! Check her out(listen to her sing first)!! Love it!!

                                                    Niki Minaj


I'm a fan of her! I'm liking her new song a lot but I always like to see what makeup she has on every time I see her on TV or in magazines.  Her makeup artist must love her because you can tell she loves makeup and is not afraid to play with different colors and she pulls it off very well. Just check out her makeup in this "Super Bass" video while jammin to the song. I'm lovin it!

                                             The Saturdays


I really like this group even though I know they are more well know over in England but I caught on to them through youtube during my usual youtube snooping for music.  I like some of their music and I think all of them can actually sing pretty decently.  Plus of course their makeup always looks fantastic. Hair, makeup, outfits, the works they have a great beauty team working on them.  I love how some of them are more subtle with makeup and others go all the way. Either way looks great!

These are just a few of my favorite artists  but don't be fooled I have a ton of favorites. Music is my life. I live and breath it, music symbols are even tattooed on my body.  

It's right there next to makeup! They are the loves of my life!


ps: I have a feeling I'll be making music posts too... I might not be able to resist..

Glamour to go!!

Too Faced Glamour to Go Fairy Edition

 I call this my cute as a button palette. It's Glamour to Go Fairy edition by Too Faced. It comes with 8 matte and lightly shimmery eyeshadows, rose pink blush, silky smooth lip gloss, and my favorite part of the whole palette, the shimmery golden bronzer!

Very pigmented colors, yet they are soft so you can either go for the light and natural eye or go for a smokey dramatic look. The bronzer is fantastic! Every time I have it on lots of people tell me I've got a glow to my complexion. Like I've been gently kissed by the sun and with bronzer, that's what you're going for;).
I put on the gold shimmery eyeshadow and lightly blended a little of the brown and black into the corner of the eye blending it up into the white highlight eyeshadow color. This palette is great to carry in your purse or if you're having a sleepover and you don't want to bring your whole makeup stash this is a great quick pick to go with for those times where you don't need a crazy full makeup look but need something cute and pretty. 

You can purchase this product at Sephora and Ulta stores.

Happy Shadow shopping everyone!!


The Graduate

I am officially a Graduate of Esthetics school!!! I graduated on Wednesday, May 4th. I cannot tell you how over the moon I am about it. It was an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. This was extremely important to me. The way I see it, no matter how big or small your dreams are, whether you graduate college, become a doctor, get a promotion to store manager, want to be a singer, make the soccer team, graduate esthetics school, whatever it is if it's important to you, it's a dream , and you made it happen it's an accomplishment not matter how big or small you should be proud of yourself!! Never give up even when you are at your lowest.

          So now that I am a graduate, I do recall mentioning in a past post that I would be making a special announcement . For any graduate of school the main thing we all look for is of course a job... and I was blessed with the best job to start out with......


Since before I started school I've always wanted to work for Sephora. It's such a huge blessing to be part of the Sephora team I cannot wait. The Sephora inside JCpenney where I will be working is brand new! not even open yet! It opens in June so I am currently in intense training. And when I say intense training I mean 8 to 5hr days for 8 days straight for 3 weeks no lie. There is sooo much product to learn. But what can I say it's  a makeup artist/estheticians heaven!!!! And I'll be giving you the 411 on my Sephora journey as well. I'm so very blessed with this opportunity. I will not only be working for Sephora I will also freelance. The opportunities are endless. And as far as school goes I am no where near done. I'm planning on going back to school for nails and I plan on going to another school that's concentration is makeup. Education never stops. And who knows I might go to another school after that too. So to send off this post.. I am so happy I went to school. I will miss all the people I've met , clients I attended too, and of course my teachers and classmates that I love so much. But it's definitely time to go out in the real world. Being out here feels soooo good. I'm ready.

And remember.. Dreaming is Believing..
there are so many more things I want to do..it's endless.


PS: Lots more new posts coming.. I'm off of training for a few days:)

B.Right with Benefit!!

  Most people with dry skin are likely to have dehydrated skin as well, dehydrated skin can be seen in all skin types. It's really important to know the difference between dry skin(lacks oil) and dehydrated skin(lacks water) because believe it or not, even oily skin can be dehydrated just like all other skin types. 

 Dehydrated skin lacks water therefore needs hydration and moisture. It tends to absorb products really quickly. It can be caused by internal and external factors like medications, lack of water, and even skincare products or cosmetics with certain ingredients in it that can lead to dehydration. Drinking plenty of water and hydrating the skin with moisturizers or humectants(ingredients that attract water to the skin) can help minimize the effects of both dry and dehydrated skin which brings me to this pretty little product:

                            B.Right Triple Performing Facial Emulsion Moisturizer by Benefit

 Hydrates, protects, comforts, has SPF 15 in it, and it's oil free. All the makings of a great moisturizer! Right??... well hold on not so fast. What about someone like me who has normal to dry skin, plus I'm dehydrated and I tend to get even more dry during the seasons and I'm always buying products that are oil based, contain emollients, and are occlusive designed?.... Will this product work for me? To my delight it really did! I felt very hydrated after applying this little dehydration fighting moisturizer and my face was soft to the touch. And it's even a great product for pre makeup application. No false advertisement here. It really is for all skin types.... Yes even you oily folk can use this too!
This product also contains Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid which are both water binding ingredients that help skin absorb and retain moisture. And it all comes in this pretty little bottle.:)
You can purchase this product at Sephora or Ulta for $28 (1.7 oz)

See you next time my little dehydration fighters!

Vitamin C is the way to be!!

One of the most important vitamins out there for your skin is Vitamin C(also known as ascorbic acid). I always tell everyone that Vitamin C should be like crack to your skin. It's an antioxidant that helps protect the body from many forms of oxidation and from problems involving free radicals(free radicals are the bad guys that can cause damage to DNA causing disease in the body,free radicals occur mostly from the sun). Research even indicates that an adequate intake of vitamin c may help prevent cancer because of it's ability to fight free radicals. Which is why I take 2 tablets of vita c a day because it's also good to boost the immune system. Vitamin C is so important in the fight against the aging process and is needed for the proper repair of the skin and tissue. It promotes collagen production in the dermal tissue , keeps the skin healthy, firm, and protects damage of the capillary walls. Ok now that I got all doctory on you, Vitamin C is pretty much essential for your body. I use vitamin C for my skin because I suffer from post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. So no picking and prodding at my skin or else I'll get a brown spot( a pigmented area on the skin darker than your natural skin color like an acne scar). It sucks! but to help take care of my hyperpigmentation I use a couple products that both contain vitamin C in it:

 Avalon Organics Vitamin C Hydrating Cleansing Milk for normal to dry skin:

Love this cleanser, leaves me feeling silky smooth after every wash and I know the ingredients in this are good for my skin so I go to bed and wake up happy.
(they also have this for oily skin in a gel consistency)

Avalon Organics Vitamin C Balancing Facial Toner for all skin types:

This toner leaves me feeling refreshed, removes left over residue, helps bring my skin back to it's natural pH, and leaves me feeling hydrated.

 There are many products out there that contain vitamin C. Everything from cleansers to serums, you can find it.

You can purchase these products at Target for $10.95 or natural organic food stores.