The Beauty Authority

Day 5 Sephora inside JCpenney trainning(SiJCp):

                       Today marks my fifth day at Sephora training and I'm loving it! But saying it's overwhelming is an understatement. I've been to Sephora so many times, shopped and browsed, it's one of my favorite stores of course. Even as a costumer it's always a little overwhelming with so many brands and products to choose from it's enough to make you go a little crazy especially being a makeup artist/esthetician. Good crazy of course! I feel like a little kid at a candy shop that has the most exquisite candies I could get my little hands on!  And now I'm inside Sephora. I'm learning all the ins and outs of it. I'm in the bubble of "The Beauty Authority" as the company calls it's self, which I feel is rightfully so. If you are a Sephora fan and costumer you know how many products and lines they carry. Now imagine having to sit through training video after training video after training video for each and every single brand sold at Sephora for almost 8 hours straight. Yes it's awesome! But after a while you really just want to get your hands dirty and play with the stuff already haha!! Anyway, tomorrow we start set up of the store, now remember this SiJCp is brand spankin new. We will train, set up store which is partially still under construction, and do SOS training which is the Science of Sephora. It's freakin awesome! I know I keep saying awesome but it is haha! This is a really great opportunity for me because it's a great company to start with fresh out of school and I'm getting the chance to meet some great people in the industry which I am ecstatic about! The group I'm working with is awesome so this experience has been really great so far and I know it will continue.

  It's so different being on the inside looking out... but man does it feel good;)

                                                                             Bye my loves

PS: Rest assure that I'll be making reviews on all the Sephora products! All will be 100% Honest. You have my word on that.


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