Day 3 of Sephora brand training

Sephora Training update:

  Sephora Beauty Educators flew in from California to train us about the Science Of Sephora. Really what each day is consisting of is their system to selling products to clients and how to do so. They call it the We Care + program and it's their approach to satisfying the client with their skincare, color(makeup), fragrance needs. It's kind of been a little crazy for me because I just got out of Esthetics school where I was so trained on their system of how to sell beauty products and I just jumped into a whole other philosophy of selling beauty products with Sephora so it's a huge transition. But it's all good because I'm incorporating all that I know already and I am learning so I can create my own system. My goal right now is learning Sephoras selling approach, it's a bit of a challenge but not really once you get familiar with it. Today they went through skin types, concerns, and ingredients which was like a big huge 8 hour long review for me, it's ok keeps it fresh in my mind come my state board exam I have to take next month haha. And then at the end of the day we did some role playing so I played product consultant and another played client and visa versa. The first couple of days were a little scary because we had to role play in front of everyone and I hate doing anything I'm not comfortable with in front of people like that. Give me a client and some makeup or skincare one on one and I'll be fine but to do a skit infront of people is scary to me! So I was a little uncomfortable with that and it's unrealistic I just kept telling myself that haha. But I'm learning and that's what it's all about at the end of the day....... sooo I hear that we're  suppose to get some products to take home.. it hasn't happened yet but we are all anxious to get it!! Me and my team are on the edge of our seats waiting for some gratis and I'll be sure to share with you guys what it is when I get it.  Hope all is well in the world!! I'll be back!!

Not enough time to blog these days but this is my last full week of training!!



Ms. Prettyful Girl said...

Aw, that's so great. Congrats! I've been dreaming of working at Sephora. I'm too scared to apply because I hear it's hard to get in. But I'm happy for you. Good luck and enjoy it!

Vintage Makeup said...

Hoping you can blog more soon! & Congrats :)

makeupbyjem said...

Oh thanks guys!!! i ❤ both your blogs btw! and ill be making some more interesting posts soon!!

michell santana said...

you're at the mall more than me now!!!!!

michell santana said...

wow so the word verification i had to put in for the last comment was "spermies". o_O

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