Oh these Summer days....

          In the summer time most people love to show a little more skin. We also like to make sure our skin looks flawless and perfect, especially our face. But a lot of times summer weather can lead to lots of sun damage,  extra oiliness, and sweat clogging our pores. That's why it's always imperative, year round, to have a healthy skincare regimen. I recently picked up a little set of skincare products by the wonderful Ole Henrkisen. While I wasn't too familiar with his line, I'm SO glad I gave it a test run.

                                          The three little wonders set

Comes with:

Truth Serum collagen booster

Invigorating night gel & Sheer transformation

Ole Henriksens line speaks to all skin types and is made with natures most active ingredients. He's got award winning products and lots of people swear by his line. The number one thing I love about his line is the fact that he is very serious about his ingredients. And at the end of the day, that's what it's all about!

The Truth serum:
Serums are some of my favorite products. Mainly because serums tend to be a lot more potent and strong so they tend to really do their job and sometimes(and I mean sometimes) work a little faster.
This serum is pure Vitamin C and we all know how much I Love Vita C!
It helps brighten, tighten, and lighten!! haha! And it's a free radical fighter. Putting this on after a freshly washed face feels amazing. Plus it smells delish!
Helps with discoloration and is great to reduce the appearance of aging amongst many other things.

Invigorating night gel:
I suffer from hyperpigmentation and I needed a treatment to help with that. This little bottle should do the trick. It's an oil-free gel that helps minimize the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation and breakouts with AHA's(Alpha Hydroxy Acids)!! Oh yea!!

Sheer transformation creme:
I end my nightly treatment with this one. After applying my serum and gel, I put this on and my skin feels like silk. It's oil-free cream rich with vitamin C, licorice root(great for pigmentation), and pea extract.

You can also use these products for your morning treatment as well.

You can purchase Ole Henriksen products at Sephora stores or online

This products was $35 at Sephora inside JCP

If you've never heard of Ole Henrikson I advise you to go to your nearest Sephora and ask a consultant about the line or any brands. And if you are still a little skeptical, ask for a skincare consultation or a sample!

What skincare products are you using now that are working for you?



Where have you been Jerica?!

I've been away from my blogging for quite a few days!! Since I've been gone, I've been working, got another blog award from kaiwibarbie(yay so excited!), searching for more schooling, and searching for a new computer.. Oh these are my summer days! Tomorrow a new post! I hate when I don't post for days.

 Goodnight my loves!


Top 10 Award!

 Yay!! I've just recieved  a Top 10 award from the lovely Jay Anne Cosmetics !! I'm so excited!! Thank you Jay Anne this is my first award!! The rules are link back to the person/people who tagged you, nominate other 10 bloggers and list your favorite 10 products!!! 

I would like to pass this award to my other lovelies!!

And here are my Top Ten products!:

Eyeshadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay
MAC Fluidline gel liner
Erase Paste concealer by Benefit
Champagne & Caviar 10 color shadow palette by NYX
HD High Definition Powder by Make Up Forever
Sephora Collection cream lip stain in 01
Aqua Cream waterproof cream color by Make Up Forever
Warm Palette by Coastal Scents
Falsies Volume Express mascara by Maybelline
NYC limited edition palette by Urban Decay

....and the list goes on

Have a wonderful day loves!!!


Mini Sephora Haul

 Hello My Lovely Followers!!!

   It's been a few days since I last posted. I've been working so I've been a bit busy. Things at Sephora are going well. I'm loving working there it's so much fun to help clients find what they need in skincare and makeup. The best part is the Express Services. I could just do that all day! It's really rewarding to help people with skincare concerns and makeup concerns! Choosing a color eyeshadow or a cleanser was scary to most of the clients that were coming in the past couple of days. But they walked out of Sephora with product in hand knowing how to use it. 

I've been keeping note of the clients I've had come into Sephora for help. I'm paying attention to the most common concerns and questions I get asked about skincare and makeup and keeping record so that I can post about things people need to know. I'm excited!!!

But for now I want to talk about my mini Sephora Haul!!! First one!!

Sephora Waterproof eye makeup remover
We used this a ton during training. It's awesome! The best makeup remover I've tried( see ya later avon makeup remover!!) takes off any and every kind of makeup from your toughest waterproof makeup to intense lips stains. Good for sensitive eyes, lense wearers, and has ingredients like olive extract that help strengthen lashes.The only downfall it's a tiny bit oily. Oily skin types may not appreciate that but it's still a fantastic remover. I'd still recommend this to everyone!

Tip: After saturating tissue or towel with remover, press it on your eye or lip for a few seconds then wipe off.  Make sure to shake before use for full results.

Sephora Instant moisture kit
I was in need of a new moistuizer since I finished my Triple Emulsion Benefit one, and since I'm on the hunt for the perfect moisturizer I wanted to start out with Sephora.
In this kit:
Supreme cleansing foam- light, soft, foamy
Instant depuffing roll-on gel- cool and brightening
Instant moisturizer- mega moisture + it has Vitamin C in it!!

This is a great introductory to Sephora skincare. I was originally going to buy the Instant moisturizer alone since it's a best seller and it's awesome. But I decided why not try a 3 in 1 deal.  I'm absolutely obsessed with the roll-on eye gel. It's genius. Plus it addresses dark circles too which is my concern.

ready....set... STAY!! Eye Trio by Benefit
I had to get my hands on the Erase Paste by Benefit. I decided to get this kit as well because.. well I love kits!  
Kit includes:
Stay Don't Stray eyeshadow&concealer primer
Erase Paste concealer in medium
Creaseless cream shadow/liner in birthday suit (hehe i like that name)

I have to say this again. I am a hard core Urban Decay primer potion fan. It's going to take A LOT for me to change my primer because Urban Decay quite honestly is it. But of course I always give every product a chance.  Stay Don't Stray didn't make the cut for me. Urban Decay primers are still untouchable.
Birthday suit is a beautiful shear cream shadow it's a great base to start you off.

Sephora Collection Nano liners

Left is forest green
Right is wild spirit
Colored liners are always fun and I love to add them on to any eye look to create some spunk!
These are rich with color and glide on smooth.
$5 each

Sephora Collection long lasting liner
Another item I had to get my hands on: Liquid liner!
Color: Fancy Blue
I've been eyein this baby since before we opened.
Now I finally got my hands on it! I'll be posting a special eyeshadow tutorial with this one. Stay tuned.
(these liners come in so many beautiful colors!)

Sephora Collection cream lip stain
I ❤ this product.

I really needed a good lip stain and this did exactly what I wanted.
It's a dread when your lipstick wears off during the day. I hate it! And I know you hate it too!
It's a lip gloss, cream consistency and dries matte. After dried it's stayin there!
All you have to do is put clear gloss or lip balm over it and your set. No retouching. Just make sure you blot after your first application and exfoliate those lips before hand!!!!
Color: Made In Italy

Tip: Worried about how you'll get this off? No problem! Sephora Waterproof makeup remover will do the trick!

There's my mini Sephora haul. It'a actually my first haul post!

And as always of course
You can purchase these products exclusively at Sephora


Who's Jem?

    So I've noticed that when I tell people about my blog they ask me "Why Jem?" and then I go into my whole story behind the name Jem and why the name of my blog is called Makeup By Jem. It got me thinking about doing a post about myself so people know a little more about me.  I'm also tagging vintage makeup on this one since I read her post on 10 facts about her and I think it's fun!! I love to visit other blogs and see posts like these on them it gives us a chance to get to know the blogger behind them blog.

So here's mine:


1.) "Why Makeup By Jem? "  -  Jem is me. I was named after a cartoon character. Back in 1985 there was this cartoon called "JEM" and she was a normal everyday girl but she had an alter ego, a famous rock star singer which was her secret identity . When she was her everyday self she went by the name of Jerrica Benton and when she was her rock star self she went by Jem.  As a kid growing up I was always a little confused about my name since everyone always asked me about it and they'd always butcher the hell out of it too. So many times I've been called Jessica or Jennifer no lie!! But I really love my name now and my nick name Jem. I think it's awesome to have a different name it makes you unique. Plus I love telling people the meaning behind my name.

2.) When life kind of imitates art - My whole life I've always wanted to be a singer. I LOVE music. But unfortunately I'm very shy about it so I only sing when no one is around or when they can't hear:P Most people don't know that about me. Music is essential in my life.

3.) I LOVE LOVE LOVE Chocolate!! There has never been a day where I don't want chocolate. 

4.) I'm a writer. I've written tons of poems and a few stories. I have notebooks upon notebooks of things I've written.  From everyday happenings to poems. I still write occasionally. 

5.) I break into song and dance...a lot. Most recently during my Sephora training I started dancing to a song I had in my head, not like hard core dancing more like boppin around because of course I'm in a professional setting, I had some strange looks after that LOL. hhaa!! Sometimes I don't even realize I'm doing it either.

6.) I want to live in NYC... but recently that's kind of changed.. I think I might be looking into a state that has more of a tropical climate. We'll see.

7.) Makeup a career?- I never thought I could do makeup as a career. I've messed with makeup since I was 11 but I never set out to be a makeup artist until I was 20 years old. The thought came into my head but I didn't start pursuing it until I was 22 . I'm in love.

8.) I'm Latina- Very proud of my heritage, I stand by that. I grew up in a culture filled family. I love being Puerto Rican

9.) I want to go to the Makeup Designory school-  I'm planning on going to this school. It looks incredible. The question is.. NYC or California? ;)

10.) I'm obsessed with Purple!!!! You should see my room. All walls are purple. My phone is purple, my computer is purple, and even my car is a really dark dark purple. I swear that wasn't on purpose though haha!!

11.) I have been dying to watch Vampire Diaries!!! It looks really good. Had no interest in it before but it seems that everyone is talking about it. One day LOL.

                                       Those are some facts about me but certainly not all!!

                                 And I leave you with a pic of the current love of my life:

This is Nala.
She's 7 years old.
I swear she's not dead that's just how she likes to sleep from time to time
She's my fur ball of joy!!!
(she's not being very lady like in this pic;)

Bye loves!!

Boscia cleansers & Chocolate dreams

Happy Sunday everyone!!!!

  Today is a beautiful sunny day where I live! I love summer and nice warm weather! Gets me all excited for those summer events!!!

 Anyway , I have pretty normal skin but during the winter it tends to get really dry and during the summer it's normal. But lately my skin has kind of been dry (also due to the fact that I can't make up my mind on what moisturizer I should try next I have yet to find a moisturizer I really love... I have issues committing.. :P) and I love me some milky cleansers because they tend to give me even more moisture. I was recently given a boscia cleanser through work that I'm sooo excited to tell you about.

I've never tried any boscia products but I've heard lots about it and learning more about the products of boscia at work really got my interest, so I was very eager to try this Soothing Cleansing Cream when we were given it. But before I tell you about the cleanser I have to tell you a little history behind this brand!  Boscia was created by Mr. Kenji Ikemori who wanted to create skincare products that were preservative free and contained no irritating ingredients because his wife suffered from constant skin irritation. The boscia brand is  100% free of preservatives, artificial color, and fragrance. All the products are created in a "clean room" so no human contact is ever made, the factory is all machine operated, and all boscia products contain Jojoba leaf and Willoherb which help with inflammation. It's all alcohol free and pH balanced as well. I thought it was so sweet that this man made a line especially for his wife...awww.

This soothing cleansing cream is so soft, gentle,awesome for taking off makeup, and leaves my skin feeling super soft like as silk. I'm in love again!! Knowing what it's made of and where it comes from gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside every time I wash my face with it haha. I'm definitely a new boscia fan and as an Esthetician, will recommend this to a lot of people. 

You can purchase boscia products at any Sephora inside JCpenney, Sephora, or Ulta stores.

One more thing I have to share!!!

I went to the super market yesturday and wanted dessert and I found this......

It's called The Mochachino Cup.....
This is a chocolate lovers dream!!!!

I took one look at it knew it had to be mine!!
One of my favorite movies is Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory and one of my favorite scenes is when Willy Wonka it's that eatable flower that looks like a cup... I thought of that when I was eating this heehehehe.

The inside of the chocolate cup was actually chocolate cake and mocha mousse... it was SO FREAKIN DELICIOUS....

I actually dreamt about it..:P

till next time my loves!


Sephora training is officially over

   Sephora inside Jcpenney training is officially over. It was great, it was long, and it was a lot of product knowledge haha. Even though I feel pretty good about all the products we've learned inside Sephora it's definitely going to take me a while to learn every single one especially since we were only shown the top sellers of each brand. But I'm in loooove with so many products I made a list of everything I want and I don't even want to think about how much it will all total to at the end. It will be so worth it though. I've never been through such detailed training for a job before in my life so this was definitely a very unique experience. I've got a few days off which I'm going to enjoy to the fullest and then we have our "soft opening" which I'm guessing is like a mock grand opening except we don't advertise that we're dropping the tarps and open to the public, it's just whoever comes by and walks in. Then the following week will be our grand opening. I must admit I am a little nervous to be on the "stage" which is I believe what we call it when we are on the selling floor. I'm excited to educate clients about makeup and skincare ( it's why I have a blog too haha). The one thing I'm most nervous about is the register. We had somewhat of register training but I definitely need more. Once I get that down I'm good to go. It's just dealing with peoples money, like food, makes me nervous not going to lie. But all in all I'm so excited to be part of the Sephora team and I'm excited for the future. And of course, I'll be sharing anything I purchase, any special events in Sephora and everything else in between. I still shop other places and go other places and I'm still a drugstore junkie so we'll be getting the best of both worlds on this blog. And who knows maybe there will be an opportunity for me to grow in Sephora....  hey you never know ;)

Now that things are settling down with work... I need to think about school again. I want to go back to more than one school. The trick is that one school is here where I live now and the other is in another city.. oh geez

Like I always say, I never stop dreaming. Never.