Who's Jem?

    So I've noticed that when I tell people about my blog they ask me "Why Jem?" and then I go into my whole story behind the name Jem and why the name of my blog is called Makeup By Jem. It got me thinking about doing a post about myself so people know a little more about me.  I'm also tagging vintage makeup on this one since I read her post on 10 facts about her and I think it's fun!! I love to visit other blogs and see posts like these on them it gives us a chance to get to know the blogger behind them blog.

So here's mine:


1.) "Why Makeup By Jem? "  -  Jem is me. I was named after a cartoon character. Back in 1985 there was this cartoon called "JEM" and she was a normal everyday girl but she had an alter ego, a famous rock star singer which was her secret identity . When she was her everyday self she went by the name of Jerrica Benton and when she was her rock star self she went by Jem.  As a kid growing up I was always a little confused about my name since everyone always asked me about it and they'd always butcher the hell out of it too. So many times I've been called Jessica or Jennifer no lie!! But I really love my name now and my nick name Jem. I think it's awesome to have a different name it makes you unique. Plus I love telling people the meaning behind my name.

2.) When life kind of imitates art - My whole life I've always wanted to be a singer. I LOVE music. But unfortunately I'm very shy about it so I only sing when no one is around or when they can't hear:P Most people don't know that about me. Music is essential in my life.

3.) I LOVE LOVE LOVE Chocolate!! There has never been a day where I don't want chocolate. 

4.) I'm a writer. I've written tons of poems and a few stories. I have notebooks upon notebooks of things I've written.  From everyday happenings to poems. I still write occasionally. 

5.) I break into song and dance...a lot. Most recently during my Sephora training I started dancing to a song I had in my head, not like hard core dancing more like boppin around because of course I'm in a professional setting, I had some strange looks after that LOL. hhaa!! Sometimes I don't even realize I'm doing it either.

6.) I want to live in NYC... but recently that's kind of changed.. I think I might be looking into a state that has more of a tropical climate. We'll see.

7.) Makeup a career?- I never thought I could do makeup as a career. I've messed with makeup since I was 11 but I never set out to be a makeup artist until I was 20 years old. The thought came into my head but I didn't start pursuing it until I was 22 . I'm in love.

8.) I'm Latina- Very proud of my heritage, I stand by that. I grew up in a culture filled family. I love being Puerto Rican

9.) I want to go to the Makeup Designory school-  I'm planning on going to this school. It looks incredible. The question is.. NYC or California? ;)

10.) I'm obsessed with Purple!!!! You should see my room. All walls are purple. My phone is purple, my computer is purple, and even my car is a really dark dark purple. I swear that wasn't on purpose though haha!!

11.) I have been dying to watch Vampire Diaries!!! It looks really good. Had no interest in it before but it seems that everyone is talking about it. One day LOL.

                                       Those are some facts about me but certainly not all!!

                                 And I leave you with a pic of the current love of my life:

This is Nala.
She's 7 years old.
I swear she's not dead that's just how she likes to sleep from time to time
She's my fur ball of joy!!!
(she's not being very lady like in this pic;)

Bye loves!!


Ms. Prettyful Girl said...

OMG, we are so much alike this is crazy! LOL. I loved Gem growing up. I had a Gem doll, she was like a Barbie but taller. I too am a writer, I've always wanted to be a writer. I started loving makeup early to but never dreamed of a career in it until just a couple of years ago. I fantasize about living in New York but I know I'll be too afraid to live there. Such hustle and bustle! This was so much fun!

Vintage Makeup said...

Awww cute kitty! I LOVE Chocolate as well, great facts! :)

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