Oh these Summer days....

          In the summer time most people love to show a little more skin. We also like to make sure our skin looks flawless and perfect, especially our face. But a lot of times summer weather can lead to lots of sun damage,  extra oiliness, and sweat clogging our pores. That's why it's always imperative, year round, to have a healthy skincare regimen. I recently picked up a little set of skincare products by the wonderful Ole Henrkisen. While I wasn't too familiar with his line, I'm SO glad I gave it a test run.

                                          The three little wonders set

Comes with:

Truth Serum collagen booster

Invigorating night gel & Sheer transformation

Ole Henriksens line speaks to all skin types and is made with natures most active ingredients. He's got award winning products and lots of people swear by his line. The number one thing I love about his line is the fact that he is very serious about his ingredients. And at the end of the day, that's what it's all about!

The Truth serum:
Serums are some of my favorite products. Mainly because serums tend to be a lot more potent and strong so they tend to really do their job and sometimes(and I mean sometimes) work a little faster.
This serum is pure Vitamin C and we all know how much I Love Vita C!
It helps brighten, tighten, and lighten!! haha! And it's a free radical fighter. Putting this on after a freshly washed face feels amazing. Plus it smells delish!
Helps with discoloration and is great to reduce the appearance of aging amongst many other things.

Invigorating night gel:
I suffer from hyperpigmentation and I needed a treatment to help with that. This little bottle should do the trick. It's an oil-free gel that helps minimize the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation and breakouts with AHA's(Alpha Hydroxy Acids)!! Oh yea!!

Sheer transformation creme:
I end my nightly treatment with this one. After applying my serum and gel, I put this on and my skin feels like silk. It's oil-free cream rich with vitamin C, licorice root(great for pigmentation), and pea extract.

You can also use these products for your morning treatment as well.

You can purchase Ole Henriksen products at Sephora stores or online

This products was $35 at Sephora inside JCP

If you've never heard of Ole Henrikson I advise you to go to your nearest Sephora and ask a consultant about the line or any brands. And if you are still a little skeptical, ask for a skincare consultation or a sample!

What skincare products are you using now that are working for you?




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