The Real Techniques

I've got a good amount of makeup brushes. I'll soon get esthetic brushes when I start doing facials at home as well.  Some of my brushes are from Crown Brushes, Eco Tools, E.L.F, a couple from MAC and some even from a store called Christmas Tree Shop and I plan on getting lots more. I don't discriminate with brushes. You've got to try them even if they're just a buck, they might be amazing. And I'll tell you one thing, some of my brushes that cost me a buck sometimes work better than those  MAC $22 to $30 brushes.  It's not about the price or the brand it's about the results and quality. And that's just being real.

    The Real Techniques brush set I'm reviewing is by Samantha Chapman a.k.a pixiwoo who is one of my favorite youtube makeup artists and beauty bloggers. Her and her sister Nic are amazing!  I was super excited to receive this brush set!!..... Ok I am in Love.... Like really.... These brushes are fantastic!! I even took my own pictures of this. I have to worn you now though, I'm sorry my pictures aren't the most professional looking I am not in any way a photographer haha! But I did my best to take decent pics of this awesome product and I promise I'll get the pics to look better in the future as I start posting more(and through videos! im so excited to start that!)  Soooo back to the brushes! 

Here is the set that I got as a gift for my birthday. It's the real techniques starter set in purple(my fav color). It's packaging is very appealing to the eye and it's only $15.99 at any Ulta store.You can't beat that price for such great brushes made by a great artist.

  The back of the package has a little detail about each brush, a pic of Samantha Chapman herself, and a little quote from her " My online tutorials share the real techniques behind makeup artistry. With simple tips and high-tech tools, every woman can be an expert. -Sam"     Sold!!   :P

 When you take out the brushes it comes with a little case that can hold all your brushes and you can set it up as a stand like this. It's very cute.

Base Shadow brush

This brush is to apply your base shadows. It's very soft, fluffy, and grabs just the right amount of pigment.  Applies a very smooth finish.

Deluxe Crease Brush

This brush is so fluffy! I love it. Very soft and great for the crease area to contour the eye. ...But..... yes there is a but.... I would like to have the actual size of the bristles a little smaller.. I think it's a bit too big for small set eyes if you want to shadow the crease and define. If the actual circumference of the bristles were a little smaller I'd be a bit happier with this brush. Great for big round eyes. They can make this same exact brush just a bit smaller. Overall a great brush though.

Accent Brush

Peerrrffect for smudging! Used a brush similar to this one while I was creating a smoky eye on a friend of mine, didn't even come close to this one. I also use it for concealer to get those smaller areas like eyes (why it's yellowish the concealer I use wouldn't come off after 3 washes lol) . Great for precision detailing and adding little tweaks to any eye look. 

Pixel Point Eyeliner

I have to be honest, I am very picky about my liner brushes I've got a lot of different kinds. I am a liner freak! I cannot live without my liner!!!! It's right there with primer on my list of must haves for makeup.  This brush surprised me. I wasn't sure about the shape and wasn't sure it was dense enough to handle liner application but it proved me wrong. Very easy to use great for any beginners out there who aren't comfortable  with applying liner. 

Brow Brush

 Another great, dense brush grabs product very well. Nice angled edge to give you great control into defining those brows. 

Great great brush set to get. Great for any beginners out there wanting to dip their hands into the  world of makeup brushes. Also check out Samantha Chapman.  Again, you can purchase these brushes exclusively at Ulta.
Good day my loves! ~Jerica


One Haute Lash

        I went to the dentist this morning for my annual cleaning and my dental hygienist and I started talking about makeup and skincare since she was curious about my occupation(yes this was during my cleaning so as you can imagine it was a little awkward trying to answer her questions while her hands were in my mouth making them sparkly clean;) of course I'll answer any questions anyone has about skincare or makeup since it's what I do and I love to help others with any concerns. Anyway, I decided on asking her a pretty basic question that I've actually asked a lot of people including clients just because I'm always curious to hear what product everyday people love the most. So I asked  "If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one cosmetic product with you what would it be? "And of course her answer did not surprise me in the least because it's the most common answer I hear when I ask this question. Her exact words were " Mascara for sure! I can't live without it! Sometimes I just put that on and call it a day. But I'd want to take a really good one with me." And of course her answer sparked a product review idea in my head as I sat on the scary dentist chair while she and the doctor discussed my x-ray... It's always a little scary when these dentist people use dentist talk and you're just sitting there wondering what the hell they are saying about your teeth!

 I've been using 3 different mascaras and I'd love to share with you my thoughts on them. While I already have a few favorites, these are ones I've been testing out to see if they make the cut into my makeup kit for good.

                                                 The Falsies Volume Express by Maybelline 

Ohhhh the falsies. I can't even tell you how many people talk about this mascara. It's all over youtube and other makeup guru blogs and basically everyone and their mother uses this mascara. Except for me. I decided on trying this one out not really because of all the hype around it, mainly because I wanted to see if this mascara is really going to give me a false lash effect. I mean how cool would it be if there were a product that could do such a thing and maybe put false lash application a thing of the past.... well maybe not. I must say that this mascara is pretty good. It lasts all day and my lashes look good and a bit longer then my natural length. But I'm not sold on the idea that it gives me a false lash effect. Even though it didn't really rock my mascara world upside down and moved my favorite mascara out of the it's number one spot, this mascara is great on those blessed with full long lashes. It's great applying this to people with full lashes because you can see this product at it's best. Those of you whom have been blessed with natural full lashes MUST purchase this mascara.

You can purchase this product at: Wal-mart, Target, Ulta, or any drugstore
 from $5.49 to $10

One by One Volume Express by Maybelline

It's a known fact that I love Maybelline. They are geniuses making so many different kinds of mascara. You can never go wrong in finding a mascara that's right for you by Maybelline. I'm really excited about this one. I've only been using it for two days and already I've had people ask me what kind of mascara I use. It's awesome. It goes on very clean, gives volume to lashes, and holds curl well. I'm pretty much sold on this one after being a little skeptic using the falsies. But now One by One may definitely be a contender in my makeup kit.

You can purchase this product at: Wal-mart, Target, Ulta, or any drugstore
     from $5.49 to $10

Haute and Naughty Lash by MAC

I promise I am not, in any way, a MAC snob. In fact I despise it when people only refer to MAC as being the only quality makeup line which is completely untrue. MAC indeed is one of the best. They are fantastic! But they're one of many makeup brands that are fantastic. I promise I'll share more about other brands in the future. I actually received this mascara as a gift and man oh man was I excited!!! The coolest thing about this mascara is it has 2 different mascara wands in one as you can see in the picture above. The pink topped wand which is the Haute is for your every Day looks, maybe work or a quick natural look for a lunch date in Soho with your friends. It separates the lashes beautifully creating a natural lash look with volume. The purple sparkly top wand which is the Naughty, is your dramatic volume lash for those nights on the town or a really hot date. It's fantastic! I can't say that enough! This is by far the coolest mascara I've come across in a while and it will be a definite staple in my makeup kit.... but is it my favorite mascara.. well you all will just have to stick around for more reviews to see.

You can purchase this product at: Any MAC store,counter, or website for US $18

  Happy Mascara Shopping Loves!!




5 Days Left....

              Sometimes it feels like I've been in Esthetics school for so much longer than 8 months. And other times it feels like it went by so quickly.  I've learned so much. I keep saying that but I really have. This experience has opened up so many different avenues for me and I definitely feel like a new and improved professional already. I've taken so much from this experience that will stay with me forever. It's definitely been one of the greatest times of my life thus far and I'm hoping that in the future, something will top it. Especially since this won't be the last time I'm in school. I will be back.  But I'm ready for the real world. I've been ready.

            I have exactly 5 school days left!OMG!! We've got a huge count down on the board in our classroom at school and us girls are eager to run out of there! But it'll definitely be bitter sweet. So this is a pre Celebration post!!! The count down on here begins! And with that.... I have a very special announcement to make. I'll be making the announcement post Graduation day but rest assure that I'll make a very special Graduation post and then the announcement will be made! I'm SO excited to tell the world I can't stand it!!! But until then, in true Jem fashion, I will leave you with two of my favorite makeup items that I just recently received and I promise there will be tons more reviews and tutorials in the near future... Believe me when I say I'm just getting started;).

                                                                     Bye my Loves,

                                           Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge $9.99 at Target
This useful little tool makes applying foundation or concealer a breeze.
It's pointed tip is perfect for blending in concealer around the eyes and other contours of the face. I use the bottom rounded end to blend the foundation from the jawline into the neck and around the face. You can also reuse the sponge, just make sure you wash thoroughly with antibacterial soap. Gives a flawless, effortless foundation finish and it's a must have in your makeup stash.
Bonus Side note: You can purchase a cheaper version of this sponge at Ulta for $4.99 by Basically U and it will give the same results!!

             Quite Cute Mac Lipstick(Limited Edition) $14.50

Made a visit to the Mac counter recently without any plans on purchasing anything... yeeaaa right!!! While scanning all the beautiful colors of lipsticks and eyeshadow pigments(as well as the Wonder Woman collection which is awesome!) I decided on purchasing this quite cute lipstick from the Quite Cute Collection. This Bright whitened lavender color with a cremesheen finish is sure to make you look as cute as a button! With the right eye look to balance this baby out, there's no doubt heads will turn.


       Most people have some sort of skin regimen. Whether it's a simple two step cleanser and moisturizer or it's a whole 5 step process (like myself). But one of the essential products you should have in your bathroom cabinet is makeup remover. It can be pretty intimidating trying to find a good makeup remover with so many on the market now. But I can't tell you how many clients have told me they go to sleep with their makeup on. EEEEEKKK!!! Letting that makeup sit and marinate on your face all night is the perfect recipe for breakouts. And that's just putting it lightly. So simply put, it's imperative for you to remove your makeup before you go to sleep. Especially if you have a lot on. I've recently bought a couple different types of makeup removers and one that I swear by. So here's a few products to get you started down makeup remover lane:

Rating: 1 being lowest 5 being highest

 Almay moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover pads

Remover pads are one of the easiest ways to get makeup off rather than using a liquid makeup remover(for us lazy folk)
I'm a big fan of these pads because it's 100% fragrant free and hypoallergenic which is perfect for those with sensitive eyes. Our eyes are fragile things so we should take good care of them as we do the rest of our bodies. These pads have great ingredients like cucumber which has soothing and healing properties  and green tea which is a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
All in all it's a decent makeup remover and gets the makeup off!

Great for sensitive skin and all other skin types

Chamomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

      I was in Philadelphia recently and stopped at a local Body Shop store in the downtown area. I love the Body Shop!  It has so many great products to choose from so if there is one in your area definitely make a visit.
   I wasn't on the look out for anything specific and I stumbled upon this makeup remover. The first thing I noticed was the word "Chamomile" and the esthetician in me was intrigued. Estheticians are all about product  ingredients...well that and the fact that it was on sale as well.. Heehehee.
My eyes tend to get sensitive from time to time especially being a allergy sufferer so I was definitely excited to try this out. Chamomile is a calming, anti-inflammatory ingredient so I knew this was going to be good.
But unfortunately I was a little disappointed when I used it. It didn't take the makeup off well and I had to rub my eyes quite a few times to get them cleaned off which isn't a good thing. Like I mentioned earlier , the skin on your eyes and your eyes in general are very fragile. Rubbing them too harshly and frequently can actually cause premature wrinkles. So be careful!

Rating: 2
Good for sensitive eyes

Avon Moisturize effective eye makeup remover

   I must say this. I am not an Avon fan. I actually dislike their products very much. But if I could buy this in bulk or professional size I would. I'm actually so impressed with this makeup remover it's crazy! There are times where I do very dramatic looks and I have a lot on, so by the end of the day I just want it off! I only swipe this remover over my eye once and literally most of it is already off! And don't even think about rubbing your eyes with this baby it's so gentle! You might never hear me praise another damn Avon product as long as I am alive, but I have to give props where props is due. This makeup remover is by far the best one I have tried.. yet. I'm sure I'll come across some other fantastically awesome makeup remover that'll bump this one out of my number one spot. But for now, it takes the cake.

Rating: 5
Great for most skin types
May not be suitable for oily skin types as it contains mineral oil
Lotion consistency is what makes this magic!

So there you have it! My first review! I'm sure there will be more makeup remover reviews down the line as I try out more products. Try some of these and tell me what you think! And if you've got a makeup remover in mind that I should try or you've used the products I've listed, let me know! 

Bye Loves!


Today is my Birthday!!!

One year older!
One year wiser!
This is going to be a good year I can feel it!!
So in honor of my birthday, I will be posting my first ever review!
And the review will be on...
Makeup Remover!!
So stay tuned!
Until then..

Bye Loves!


What is Esthetics?


  Esthetics is a branch of anatomical science that deals with the overall health and well being of the skin, the  largest organ of the human body. An Esthetician is a person devoted to , or professionally occupied with, skin health and beauty~ Milady's Esthetics Fundamentals

                   I wasn't really sure about Esthetics school when I started back in September of 2010. I didn't really know exactly what school would be like, all I knew was that I wanted to be a makeup artist and learn more about the skin.  I wasn't even sure I needed to go to Esthetics school since technically in the state of New York you don't need a license to apply makeup. And after tons of research on schools and classes I could take, I decided to go for it. There are a lot of makeup artists out there who don't think going to esthetics school is a good idea or even worth it. But as I'm in my last days of school, I've realized that going was probably one of the best decisions I ever made for myself. It was totally worth it! I've learned so much. Not only about skin care, but more about the public and how many of you have concerns about your skin and how to make it better. Education is priceless. And while I still have so much more to learn in general, I'm definitely ready to take on the beauty world. No matter what, if you really want something you have to go out there and do it! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Even if you fall you can always get back up and try again. I am so glad that I decided on going to school.

 One of the key things I've learned is that makeup and skincare go hand and hand. You should have a good skincare regimen and a healthy lifestyle for an even more flawless makeup application. Without a good canvas, you don't have much to work with. 


So here it is!

So here it is!!

My very first post EVER for my very first blog EVER!!! If you were to ask me 8 months ago if I'd ever make a blog of anything I'd think you were out of your mind! Oh no not this shy girl! Nevveerrr. But never say never! Especially for a dreamer like me.

So here's a little something about me. I'm Jerica a.k.a Jem and I'm a small town girl with huge city dreams and then some. Ever since I was 11 years old and got my very first eyeshadow quad for my birthday and swiped that blue eyeshadow across my lid... that was all it took, I was in love with makeup. I am currently in my last month of Esthetics school and on the brink of greatness! I'm going to be a Makeup Artist! How exciting right!...Well I'll be keeping you updated on my everyday makeup adventures and goals on getting where I want to be in this industry.  And with that, I am also an Esthetician bringing you skincare advice as needed. I'll be posting about products, how to use them, where to buy them, which one is better than which(in my opinion, and would love to hear yours!), what's new and hot, what you don't need, what you do need, and why you shouldn't always have to spend an arm and a leg and a toe on that freaking foundation!, and the benefits of spending those body parts of yours on that foundation as well. In the end,  I'm here for you! I'm here to share my thoughts, knowledge, dreams,inspirations,advice and so much more with you!

Here's to my FIRST POST EVER!!! Hope you all tag along with me for the ride!!

It's only the beginning!!!!!