Most people have some sort of skin regimen. Whether it's a simple two step cleanser and moisturizer or it's a whole 5 step process (like myself). But one of the essential products you should have in your bathroom cabinet is makeup remover. It can be pretty intimidating trying to find a good makeup remover with so many on the market now. But I can't tell you how many clients have told me they go to sleep with their makeup on. EEEEEKKK!!! Letting that makeup sit and marinate on your face all night is the perfect recipe for breakouts. And that's just putting it lightly. So simply put, it's imperative for you to remove your makeup before you go to sleep. Especially if you have a lot on. I've recently bought a couple different types of makeup removers and one that I swear by. So here's a few products to get you started down makeup remover lane:

Rating: 1 being lowest 5 being highest

 Almay moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover pads

Remover pads are one of the easiest ways to get makeup off rather than using a liquid makeup remover(for us lazy folk)
I'm a big fan of these pads because it's 100% fragrant free and hypoallergenic which is perfect for those with sensitive eyes. Our eyes are fragile things so we should take good care of them as we do the rest of our bodies. These pads have great ingredients like cucumber which has soothing and healing properties  and green tea which is a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
All in all it's a decent makeup remover and gets the makeup off!

Great for sensitive skin and all other skin types

Chamomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

      I was in Philadelphia recently and stopped at a local Body Shop store in the downtown area. I love the Body Shop!  It has so many great products to choose from so if there is one in your area definitely make a visit.
   I wasn't on the look out for anything specific and I stumbled upon this makeup remover. The first thing I noticed was the word "Chamomile" and the esthetician in me was intrigued. Estheticians are all about product  ingredients...well that and the fact that it was on sale as well.. Heehehee.
My eyes tend to get sensitive from time to time especially being a allergy sufferer so I was definitely excited to try this out. Chamomile is a calming, anti-inflammatory ingredient so I knew this was going to be good.
But unfortunately I was a little disappointed when I used it. It didn't take the makeup off well and I had to rub my eyes quite a few times to get them cleaned off which isn't a good thing. Like I mentioned earlier , the skin on your eyes and your eyes in general are very fragile. Rubbing them too harshly and frequently can actually cause premature wrinkles. So be careful!

Rating: 2
Good for sensitive eyes

Avon Moisturize effective eye makeup remover

   I must say this. I am not an Avon fan. I actually dislike their products very much. But if I could buy this in bulk or professional size I would. I'm actually so impressed with this makeup remover it's crazy! There are times where I do very dramatic looks and I have a lot on, so by the end of the day I just want it off! I only swipe this remover over my eye once and literally most of it is already off! And don't even think about rubbing your eyes with this baby it's so gentle! You might never hear me praise another damn Avon product as long as I am alive, but I have to give props where props is due. This makeup remover is by far the best one I have tried.. yet. I'm sure I'll come across some other fantastically awesome makeup remover that'll bump this one out of my number one spot. But for now, it takes the cake.

Rating: 5
Great for most skin types
May not be suitable for oily skin types as it contains mineral oil
Lotion consistency is what makes this magic!

So there you have it! My first review! I'm sure there will be more makeup remover reviews down the line as I try out more products. Try some of these and tell me what you think! And if you've got a makeup remover in mind that I should try or you've used the products I've listed, let me know! 

Bye Loves!


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