The Real Techniques

I've got a good amount of makeup brushes. I'll soon get esthetic brushes when I start doing facials at home as well.  Some of my brushes are from Crown Brushes, Eco Tools, E.L.F, a couple from MAC and some even from a store called Christmas Tree Shop and I plan on getting lots more. I don't discriminate with brushes. You've got to try them even if they're just a buck, they might be amazing. And I'll tell you one thing, some of my brushes that cost me a buck sometimes work better than those  MAC $22 to $30 brushes.  It's not about the price or the brand it's about the results and quality. And that's just being real.

    The Real Techniques brush set I'm reviewing is by Samantha Chapman a.k.a pixiwoo who is one of my favorite youtube makeup artists and beauty bloggers. Her and her sister Nic are amazing!  I was super excited to receive this brush set!!..... Ok I am in Love.... Like really.... These brushes are fantastic!! I even took my own pictures of this. I have to worn you now though, I'm sorry my pictures aren't the most professional looking I am not in any way a photographer haha! But I did my best to take decent pics of this awesome product and I promise I'll get the pics to look better in the future as I start posting more(and through videos! im so excited to start that!)  Soooo back to the brushes! 

Here is the set that I got as a gift for my birthday. It's the real techniques starter set in purple(my fav color). It's packaging is very appealing to the eye and it's only $15.99 at any Ulta store.You can't beat that price for such great brushes made by a great artist.

  The back of the package has a little detail about each brush, a pic of Samantha Chapman herself, and a little quote from her " My online tutorials share the real techniques behind makeup artistry. With simple tips and high-tech tools, every woman can be an expert. -Sam"     Sold!!   :P

 When you take out the brushes it comes with a little case that can hold all your brushes and you can set it up as a stand like this. It's very cute.

Base Shadow brush

This brush is to apply your base shadows. It's very soft, fluffy, and grabs just the right amount of pigment.  Applies a very smooth finish.

Deluxe Crease Brush

This brush is so fluffy! I love it. Very soft and great for the crease area to contour the eye. ...But..... yes there is a but.... I would like to have the actual size of the bristles a little smaller.. I think it's a bit too big for small set eyes if you want to shadow the crease and define. If the actual circumference of the bristles were a little smaller I'd be a bit happier with this brush. Great for big round eyes. They can make this same exact brush just a bit smaller. Overall a great brush though.

Accent Brush

Peerrrffect for smudging! Used a brush similar to this one while I was creating a smoky eye on a friend of mine, didn't even come close to this one. I also use it for concealer to get those smaller areas like eyes (why it's yellowish the concealer I use wouldn't come off after 3 washes lol) . Great for precision detailing and adding little tweaks to any eye look. 

Pixel Point Eyeliner

I have to be honest, I am very picky about my liner brushes I've got a lot of different kinds. I am a liner freak! I cannot live without my liner!!!! It's right there with primer on my list of must haves for makeup.  This brush surprised me. I wasn't sure about the shape and wasn't sure it was dense enough to handle liner application but it proved me wrong. Very easy to use great for any beginners out there who aren't comfortable  with applying liner. 

Brow Brush

 Another great, dense brush grabs product very well. Nice angled edge to give you great control into defining those brows. 

Great great brush set to get. Great for any beginners out there wanting to dip their hands into the  world of makeup brushes. Also check out Samantha Chapman.  Again, you can purchase these brushes exclusively at Ulta.
Good day my loves! ~Jerica



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Great pictures jerica!

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yea i tried LOL:P

makeupbyjem said...

thanks though:)

From Broadway said...

love that they are purple!

makeupbyjem said...

I know i love them even more for that:)

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