So here it is!

So here it is!!

My very first post EVER for my very first blog EVER!!! If you were to ask me 8 months ago if I'd ever make a blog of anything I'd think you were out of your mind! Oh no not this shy girl! Nevveerrr. But never say never! Especially for a dreamer like me.

So here's a little something about me. I'm Jerica a.k.a Jem and I'm a small town girl with huge city dreams and then some. Ever since I was 11 years old and got my very first eyeshadow quad for my birthday and swiped that blue eyeshadow across my lid... that was all it took, I was in love with makeup. I am currently in my last month of Esthetics school and on the brink of greatness! I'm going to be a Makeup Artist! How exciting right!...Well I'll be keeping you updated on my everyday makeup adventures and goals on getting where I want to be in this industry.  And with that, I am also an Esthetician bringing you skincare advice as needed. I'll be posting about products, how to use them, where to buy them, which one is better than which(in my opinion, and would love to hear yours!), what's new and hot, what you don't need, what you do need, and why you shouldn't always have to spend an arm and a leg and a toe on that freaking foundation!, and the benefits of spending those body parts of yours on that foundation as well. In the end,  I'm here for you! I'm here to share my thoughts, knowledge, dreams,inspirations,advice and so much more with you!

Here's to my FIRST POST EVER!!! Hope you all tag along with me for the ride!!

It's only the beginning!!!!!



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