5 Days Left....

              Sometimes it feels like I've been in Esthetics school for so much longer than 8 months. And other times it feels like it went by so quickly.  I've learned so much. I keep saying that but I really have. This experience has opened up so many different avenues for me and I definitely feel like a new and improved professional already. I've taken so much from this experience that will stay with me forever. It's definitely been one of the greatest times of my life thus far and I'm hoping that in the future, something will top it. Especially since this won't be the last time I'm in school. I will be back.  But I'm ready for the real world. I've been ready.

            I have exactly 5 school days left!OMG!! We've got a huge count down on the board in our classroom at school and us girls are eager to run out of there! But it'll definitely be bitter sweet. So this is a pre Celebration post!!! The count down on here begins! And with that.... I have a very special announcement to make. I'll be making the announcement post Graduation day but rest assure that I'll make a very special Graduation post and then the announcement will be made! I'm SO excited to tell the world I can't stand it!!! But until then, in true Jem fashion, I will leave you with two of my favorite makeup items that I just recently received and I promise there will be tons more reviews and tutorials in the near future... Believe me when I say I'm just getting started;).

                                                                     Bye my Loves,

                                           Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge $9.99 at Target
This useful little tool makes applying foundation or concealer a breeze.
It's pointed tip is perfect for blending in concealer around the eyes and other contours of the face. I use the bottom rounded end to blend the foundation from the jawline into the neck and around the face. You can also reuse the sponge, just make sure you wash thoroughly with antibacterial soap. Gives a flawless, effortless foundation finish and it's a must have in your makeup stash.
Bonus Side note: You can purchase a cheaper version of this sponge at Ulta for $4.99 by Basically U and it will give the same results!!

             Quite Cute Mac Lipstick(Limited Edition) $14.50

Made a visit to the Mac counter recently without any plans on purchasing anything... yeeaaa right!!! While scanning all the beautiful colors of lipsticks and eyeshadow pigments(as well as the Wonder Woman collection which is awesome!) I decided on purchasing this quite cute lipstick from the Quite Cute Collection. This Bright whitened lavender color with a cremesheen finish is sure to make you look as cute as a button! With the right eye look to balance this baby out, there's no doubt heads will turn.


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