Boscia cleansers & Chocolate dreams

Happy Sunday everyone!!!!

  Today is a beautiful sunny day where I live! I love summer and nice warm weather! Gets me all excited for those summer events!!!

 Anyway , I have pretty normal skin but during the winter it tends to get really dry and during the summer it's normal. But lately my skin has kind of been dry (also due to the fact that I can't make up my mind on what moisturizer I should try next I have yet to find a moisturizer I really love... I have issues committing.. :P) and I love me some milky cleansers because they tend to give me even more moisture. I was recently given a boscia cleanser through work that I'm sooo excited to tell you about.

I've never tried any boscia products but I've heard lots about it and learning more about the products of boscia at work really got my interest, so I was very eager to try this Soothing Cleansing Cream when we were given it. But before I tell you about the cleanser I have to tell you a little history behind this brand!  Boscia was created by Mr. Kenji Ikemori who wanted to create skincare products that were preservative free and contained no irritating ingredients because his wife suffered from constant skin irritation. The boscia brand is  100% free of preservatives, artificial color, and fragrance. All the products are created in a "clean room" so no human contact is ever made, the factory is all machine operated, and all boscia products contain Jojoba leaf and Willoherb which help with inflammation. It's all alcohol free and pH balanced as well. I thought it was so sweet that this man made a line especially for his wife...awww.

This soothing cleansing cream is so soft, gentle,awesome for taking off makeup, and leaves my skin feeling super soft like as silk. I'm in love again!! Knowing what it's made of and where it comes from gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside every time I wash my face with it haha. I'm definitely a new boscia fan and as an Esthetician, will recommend this to a lot of people. 

You can purchase boscia products at any Sephora inside JCpenney, Sephora, or Ulta stores.

One more thing I have to share!!!

I went to the super market yesturday and wanted dessert and I found this......

It's called The Mochachino Cup.....
This is a chocolate lovers dream!!!!

I took one look at it knew it had to be mine!!
One of my favorite movies is Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory and one of my favorite scenes is when Willy Wonka it's that eatable flower that looks like a cup... I thought of that when I was eating this heehehehe.

The inside of the chocolate cup was actually chocolate cake and mocha mousse... it was SO FREAKIN DELICIOUS....

I actually dreamt about it..:P

till next time my loves!



Vintage Makeup said...

OMG the drink looks delicious! :)

I've also tried the cream cleanser, and it's nice.

Megan said...

I always get dry skin in winter, so I will definitely be checking this out! That dessert looks so yummy, and how cute is the lipstick mouse.

Asta said...

nice review, that dessert looks so yummy!

BbyFaB said...

Looks nice

ViVid said...

I used to be hooked on that Boscia cleanser. You must try Ole Henriksen's aloe deep cleanser. Gentle but powerful ;)

makeupbyjem said...

I love ole henriksen! his whole line is awesome!!

thnx for the love guys!

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