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In the about me section of my profile, I've mentioned that I am a music lover. I've been a music lover my whole life and always will be, sometimes people have more than one passion and music is one of mine. But I always like to correlate everything I love together.  I'm posting some videos of some of my favorite artists right now who just happen to have great makeup!! I mean these girls are on their game with  makeup(really their makeup artist;). I love watching celebrities makeup looks and fashion trends as well.

(unfortunately I couldn't get the videos to embed but please check them out!reading about it doesn't do it justice especially adele!!!!)



I can honestly say Adele is my idol at the moment. She is an amazing talent oh her voice!! And I think everyone and their mother, sister, brother can agree! Her voice is so captivating it's ridiculous! And her songs,which she writes herself, are so mesmerizing that they stay with you and grab hold of your emotions so you feel exactly what she's going through in her songs it's crazy. To me that's what a true artist is about. Moving people with that emotion. If I can feel that pain in your voice, you got me.  Another reason why I love her so much is because her makeup is always on point! Check this video out of her performance on Ellen her makeup is amazing!! It's never overdone but she loves her false lashes and eyeliner and geez it just always looks good! Check her out(listen to her sing first)!! Love it!!

                                                    Niki Minaj


I'm a fan of her! I'm liking her new song a lot but I always like to see what makeup she has on every time I see her on TV or in magazines.  Her makeup artist must love her because you can tell she loves makeup and is not afraid to play with different colors and she pulls it off very well. Just check out her makeup in this "Super Bass" video while jammin to the song. I'm lovin it!

                                             The Saturdays


I really like this group even though I know they are more well know over in England but I caught on to them through youtube during my usual youtube snooping for music.  I like some of their music and I think all of them can actually sing pretty decently.  Plus of course their makeup always looks fantastic. Hair, makeup, outfits, the works they have a great beauty team working on them.  I love how some of them are more subtle with makeup and others go all the way. Either way looks great!

These are just a few of my favorite artists  but don't be fooled I have a ton of favorites. Music is my life. I live and breath it, music symbols are even tattooed on my body.  

It's right there next to makeup! They are the loves of my life!


ps: I have a feeling I'll be making music posts too... I might not be able to resist..


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