B.Right with Benefit!!

  Most people with dry skin are likely to have dehydrated skin as well, dehydrated skin can be seen in all skin types. It's really important to know the difference between dry skin(lacks oil) and dehydrated skin(lacks water) because believe it or not, even oily skin can be dehydrated just like all other skin types. 

 Dehydrated skin lacks water therefore needs hydration and moisture. It tends to absorb products really quickly. It can be caused by internal and external factors like medications, lack of water, and even skincare products or cosmetics with certain ingredients in it that can lead to dehydration. Drinking plenty of water and hydrating the skin with moisturizers or humectants(ingredients that attract water to the skin) can help minimize the effects of both dry and dehydrated skin which brings me to this pretty little product:

                            B.Right Triple Performing Facial Emulsion Moisturizer by Benefit

 Hydrates, protects, comforts, has SPF 15 in it, and it's oil free. All the makings of a great moisturizer! Right??... well hold on not so fast. What about someone like me who has normal to dry skin, plus I'm dehydrated and I tend to get even more dry during the seasons and I'm always buying products that are oil based, contain emollients, and are occlusive designed?.... Will this product work for me? To my delight it really did! I felt very hydrated after applying this little dehydration fighting moisturizer and my face was soft to the touch. And it's even a great product for pre makeup application. No false advertisement here. It really is for all skin types.... Yes even you oily folk can use this too!
This product also contains Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid which are both water binding ingredients that help skin absorb and retain moisture. And it all comes in this pretty little bottle.:)
You can purchase this product at Sephora or Ulta for $28 (1.7 oz)

See you next time my little dehydration fighters!


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