"Beauty is a true expression of who you are."


  Oh my goodness!! I miss posting so much I can't even tell you. I've been so slammed with training at work that I have time for nothing! Literally! But after tomorrow I'll have a few days off and I have my posts lined up for the next few days I'm excited!! 

                  As promised I am bringing to you my personal review on a very great book:

SEPHORA: The Ultimate Guide To Makeup, Skin, and Hair from the BEAUTY AUTHORITY

I purchased this book a week before I started Sephora training just so I can get a little more insight on the method to the Sephora madness( mind you this book doesn't even touch Sephoras philosophy... ok maybe it does but when you are on the inside it's like... whoa!! so much to learn!!)

  Before I bought it, I searched the web relentlessly, trying to find a review on it or a decent little comment just to make sure it was a good buy. I couldn't really find anything legit on the book, so of course I bought it anyway and decided I'd make a decent review on it so you guys can get a little insight on the book if you decide on purchasing it.  

It's one of my favorites in my makeup book collection! And I'm being 100% honest even though I work at Sephora,  I'd never lie and say something is good if it's not. I don't care what it is.

The guts of this book is mainly tips, a few tutorials, a behind the scenes look at some of the creators behind the big brands like Bare Escentuals and a day with Gilbert Soliz, Pro Beauty Team Artist for Sephora whom I looovvee, and of course pages full of their most prized possession, the makeup and skincare products.

                  Tons of tips in this book, from the perfect brow shape to blow drying your hair the right way and of course.......

The Smokey eye!!!..... I love this smokey eye look, Cristina Bartolucci, cofounder of Duwop, says that what makes a smokey eye look is the lashes and without good lashes, nicely curled and coated, it can kind of look like a black eye.. couldn't agree more.;)

Lots of product information. Great for ones who don't ever know exactly what to buy at Sephora with their overwhelming amount of product, or for the beauty junkie who wants to know more about Sephora products... or nerds like me who live off this stuff..literally.;)

One of my favorite parts of this book is the ingredient chapter. I LOVE to know what's in my product, well actually I have to know. For an Esthetician it's required. Nothing like salicylic acid to fight that acne right!!

And of course, gotta show some of their best skincare products. I was playing with the Ole-Henrikson Truth Serum Collagen Booster at training the other day.. I'm in loove. And it has Vitamin C in it!! Need I say more..

What would us makeup artists do without our tools!? well we could get by, but there is nothing like using professional and quality brushes. It'll change the way you feel about makeup, mark my words for those of you who don't use brushes to apply your makeup. Sephora carries an wide variety of brushes. Soft, durable, synthetic, natural, and sure to do the job it claims to do. The book does a good job describing some of Sephoras best brushes.

 I wish I could take a picture of every page, but I'd be here all night and I have to go back to training very early tomorrow morning. This book is really a great buy, it's got all that you need to get a deeper look into what Sephora is about when it comes to their products and it's cool to read what the artists behind the makeup really think about beauty.. speaking of.. here is the entire quote from the title of this post:

"Beauty is a true expression of who you are. The coolest girls I know are never the ones with the prettiest faces or the best bodies; they're the ones with their own unique style and look. They are the ones who are true to who they are." ~ Wende Zomnir, creator of Urban Decay

 Couldn't have said it better myself.

Goodnight my loves!



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