Mini Sephora Haul

 Hello My Lovely Followers!!!

   It's been a few days since I last posted. I've been working so I've been a bit busy. Things at Sephora are going well. I'm loving working there it's so much fun to help clients find what they need in skincare and makeup. The best part is the Express Services. I could just do that all day! It's really rewarding to help people with skincare concerns and makeup concerns! Choosing a color eyeshadow or a cleanser was scary to most of the clients that were coming in the past couple of days. But they walked out of Sephora with product in hand knowing how to use it. 

I've been keeping note of the clients I've had come into Sephora for help. I'm paying attention to the most common concerns and questions I get asked about skincare and makeup and keeping record so that I can post about things people need to know. I'm excited!!!

But for now I want to talk about my mini Sephora Haul!!! First one!!

Sephora Waterproof eye makeup remover
We used this a ton during training. It's awesome! The best makeup remover I've tried( see ya later avon makeup remover!!) takes off any and every kind of makeup from your toughest waterproof makeup to intense lips stains. Good for sensitive eyes, lense wearers, and has ingredients like olive extract that help strengthen lashes.The only downfall it's a tiny bit oily. Oily skin types may not appreciate that but it's still a fantastic remover. I'd still recommend this to everyone!

Tip: After saturating tissue or towel with remover, press it on your eye or lip for a few seconds then wipe off.  Make sure to shake before use for full results.

Sephora Instant moisture kit
I was in need of a new moistuizer since I finished my Triple Emulsion Benefit one, and since I'm on the hunt for the perfect moisturizer I wanted to start out with Sephora.
In this kit:
Supreme cleansing foam- light, soft, foamy
Instant depuffing roll-on gel- cool and brightening
Instant moisturizer- mega moisture + it has Vitamin C in it!!

This is a great introductory to Sephora skincare. I was originally going to buy the Instant moisturizer alone since it's a best seller and it's awesome. But I decided why not try a 3 in 1 deal.  I'm absolutely obsessed with the roll-on eye gel. It's genius. Plus it addresses dark circles too which is my concern.

ready....set... STAY!! Eye Trio by Benefit
I had to get my hands on the Erase Paste by Benefit. I decided to get this kit as well because.. well I love kits!  
Kit includes:
Stay Don't Stray eyeshadow&concealer primer
Erase Paste concealer in medium
Creaseless cream shadow/liner in birthday suit (hehe i like that name)

I have to say this again. I am a hard core Urban Decay primer potion fan. It's going to take A LOT for me to change my primer because Urban Decay quite honestly is it. But of course I always give every product a chance.  Stay Don't Stray didn't make the cut for me. Urban Decay primers are still untouchable.
Birthday suit is a beautiful shear cream shadow it's a great base to start you off.

Sephora Collection Nano liners

Left is forest green
Right is wild spirit
Colored liners are always fun and I love to add them on to any eye look to create some spunk!
These are rich with color and glide on smooth.
$5 each

Sephora Collection long lasting liner
Another item I had to get my hands on: Liquid liner!
Color: Fancy Blue
I've been eyein this baby since before we opened.
Now I finally got my hands on it! I'll be posting a special eyeshadow tutorial with this one. Stay tuned.
(these liners come in so many beautiful colors!)

Sephora Collection cream lip stain
I ❤ this product.

I really needed a good lip stain and this did exactly what I wanted.
It's a dread when your lipstick wears off during the day. I hate it! And I know you hate it too!
It's a lip gloss, cream consistency and dries matte. After dried it's stayin there!
All you have to do is put clear gloss or lip balm over it and your set. No retouching. Just make sure you blot after your first application and exfoliate those lips before hand!!!!
Color: Made In Italy

Tip: Worried about how you'll get this off? No problem! Sephora Waterproof makeup remover will do the trick!

There's my mini Sephora haul. It'a actually my first haul post!

And as always of course
You can purchase these products exclusively at Sephora



Vintage Makeup said...

Love the look of the cream lip stain!

Megan said...

Oh so much good stuff. I really need to try and branch out and try new make up. I wish we had a sephora here, it sounds like you are really passionate about your job which is great.

yoli said...

nice stuff!

FACE IT by Jay Anne Cosmetics said...

I tagged you on my blog:)

LJ said...

awesome haul! i absolutely love sephora and that lip cream stain looks fab! thanks for following my blog, followed back. ;)

Billie Houghton said...

That lip stain looks amazing! Good find:)


KawaiiBarbie said...

Great swatches. ^_^ Btw, I gave you an award! Check it out here:

Evil Nelly said...

excellent swatches! i need to take a page outta ur book ;)


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