Sephora training update!!


 Oh how I miss blogging. I'm constantly thinking about it when I'm at work and how I want to blog about every single thing that is happening in my Sephora training haha. I only have 3 more days left of science of sephora brand training and we are done!!! To say this process was long is a major understatement to say the least!!! But I'm really loving it. Today we finshed our "Color" express service training which consists of applying an everyday eye look and cheek&lip application. That was really fun! We had partners and we played product consultant and client. The scariest part was having to come into work with no makeup on for 3 days!!!! AAAAAAHHHH!! Not a comfortable thing for me I secretly wanted to hide behind everyone but I think I played it off pretty well ;P. Being someone who has experience with makeup already and is an esthetician, this training was very much a review for me and a way to teach me how to teach others how to apply their makeup from a retail prospective. Which honestly is what I need to work on.  I will be more than ok selling skin care, and makeup, haircare, and fragrance but I need to work on telling my client what I'm doing step by literal step and at the same time selling what I'm putting on them and what I'm using.. It's different in person rather than blogging it. I know over time as I get used to using allllll of these amazing products it'll be like cake to me. I'm used to selling my skill rather than the product. I gotta tell you though it was really hard for me to hold back during the makeup portions of the training, I so wanted to do a crazy awesome smokey eye with brillant colors, even a cat eye winged out liner, or a pin up look with awesome vibrant red lips. Or even something wild, fun, and creative but I have to play by the rules and do what I am told plus we are learning how to teach those who are not makeup savvy and I can understand that makeup can be an overwhelming topic.... all in due time all in due time;)

Today was the end of color and on to brand training. We learned more about Benefit, Buxom, Korres, Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford, and Ojon.  We got to play with their products, feel different textures, smell them, try it on, it was wonderful!! Finally getting to try all the amazing products that I could never afford haha! I own a few Sephora products and have some in my kit,  honestly it's expensive. But it's worth every freakin penny!!  I am IN LOVE with all these lines! There is something in evey line that has something I want I even made a list of everything I want from every brand we went over today . It's awesome getting an in depth look at these brands and what's really behind them you have even more of an understanding. I'm going to be so broke it's not even funny!! But it's great because I can share with you all the greats, the goods, and the not so greats. Totally excited!!


  Finally got my very first piece of gratis!!! and here it is!

It's the Rounded Powder Brush # 49 from the Sephora Proffessionnel collection

I Love Love Love it!!!
Super soft and packs on that powder leaving me a flawless finish... I'm in love what more can I say.

More details later.

You can purchase this brush exclusively at Sephora inside JCpenney stores or freestanding Sephora stores for $34.

Later Loves

ps: the red sticker on the brush indicates that it is a gratis item


Vintage Makeup said...

Oh wow, how great! I've heard Sephora give a lot of free stuff :)

michell santana said...

i want a big fat brush like that too.

Angelina Antoinette said...

WOW! The S.O.S. sounds amazing! Is this open to anyone or only reserved for the employees?

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